Lunartik in a cup of tea #0086

Phil MartinThe collector: Phil Martin, full time chef at a children's hospice, part time blogger & toy customiser, Kent, UK.

The collection: Art works by Matt JOnes, mainly Lunartik in a cup of tea.

The story behind the collection...

Around 4 years ago on a trip to London we stumbled across a Kidrobot Munny, which we bought. After a year of picking up small bits and bobs I stumbled across a green tea. At the time I thought it was a bit costly so put it on the back burner. On our first anniversary we headed up to London and we went into Playlounge. Up on the shelf was the green tea! After a quick "discussion" it was mine. From then on I was hooked.

After collecting my first one I managed to get a few more of the large teas. Then Matt had an open studio before he moved to Berlin where I bought a few more pieces. Matt made us feel really welcome. From then on I knew that I wanted to collect Matt's work as not only is his work great but he is a top bloke as well.

I have been collecting for three years now and have pretty much everything that has been released. I have my own toy room in our house which doubles as my office. All toys have to be kept there so they don't take over the office (my wife says). I have them arranged in series - all of series 1 together, series 2 etc.

My favourite find was getting my large cherry green tea (limited to only 30). I managed to find one on the internet after about a year of trying to track one down. I would really love to find an original resin cast Lunartik in a cup of tea. I have been hunting for 3 years!

All images by Andrew Stevens, © Flatties toys and used with kind permission.

Phil's website: Flatties


To win a personalised mini Lunartik in a cup of tea by Matt JOnes visit Matt's website and answer the following question: "Which tea is Matt's favourite brand?" (You'll find a hint on his website). The competition closes on Friday 13th January.


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