Vintage British Camping Club Pennants #0102

The collector: Jane McDevitt, Web Designer at Maraid Design, York, UK.

The collection: Vintage British Camping Club Pennants.

The story behind the collection....

I bought the pennants as a set from a car boot sale. It was the end of the day and the lady was selling them half price. I'd never seem them before and was struck by their novelty, bright colours and quirkiness. I've bought a couple from ebay since but they tend to go for more than I am willing to spend. A local junk shop has some hanging up, they are display only, I hope one day they might change their mind!

I love material with prints on, the more pictorial the better. I also have a collection of vintage souvenir tablecloths - including two Australian ones that used to belong to my Grandmother. My Mum is always sewing and I was surrounded by fabric growing up. I also have a 35 year old camper van so there is an interest of all things vintage and camping.

I bought them a year ago and have approximately thirty of them.

I enjoy sharing images on the web as much as the collecting. There is a museum archivist lurking in me somewhere, but it would have to be a small odd specialist museum like the Museum of Lawnmowers (which I've always wanted to go to).

The collection isn't displayed I'm afraid - but maybe one day when I have enough room!

I'm from Leeds and the Leeds pennant is a favourite. It has a sexy lady in a bikini by the sea on and it and that tickles me.

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