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Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control

Nobody likes to find unwanted guests in the home, especially if they take the form of pests. Pests come in many different forms, depending on the location. For example, some people may witness rates in areas where there are large amounts of wastes, or flies being attracted to food via open windows.

Not all pest problems are easy to spot. In fact, some of us may not even realise there is a problem until something more serious occurs, such as damage to the property. There is no cookie cooker solution that can be used when dealing with pests but knowing what to look out for can ensure that you know what to do should you spot a pest infestation.

Knowing what we shouldn’t do is as important as knowing what we should do, as approaching the problem in the wrong way could exacerbate the problem.

Eliminate Solutions Pest Control stated that trying to deal with the issue can be problematic for several reason, and at times the only reals solution is to use a seasoned professional.

Prevention is Key

Although pests can still appear despite our best efforts, simply ignoring the problem could mean the infestation gets worse.

There can be many different reasons as to why pests start settling in certain areas but adhering to the following can ensure that an infestation is less likely.

This means cutting off their supply of food, shelter and water which can be done via the following methods:

Store Food in Sealed Bags or Containers: It may seem innocent enough to leave some food out, but the longer its left, the more tempting it becomes for potential pests.

Ensure Waste is Removed: Waste can soon pile up, but it’s important that we make efforts to remove it as soon as possible, as it can lure rats and mice, which each come with their own potential diseases.

Ensure Any Plumbing Issues are Fixed: The odd drip here and there may not seem too detrimental in the scheme of things. However, a fault can become worse over time, and faulty plumbing can soon become a gateway for unwanted pests.

Don’t Leave Pet Food Outside Overnight: It’s not only the food humans consume that interests pests, but also the food our pets eat. Leaving pet food outside overnight may not seem too serious, but it does make the appearance of pests more likely.

Repair Any Broken Fences: As pests come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, any form of damage to a fence or gate should be fixed straight away. Even the smallest of defects can introduce a slew of pests into the home.

What’s more, bigger pests may concentrate on current damage when trying to gain entrance. Staying on top of repairs ensures that the property is safeguarded as much as possible.

Pest Control Do’s

In some instances, their pest infestation may not be too serious. And if the pests appeared because of open windows or doors, then using a high street solution may well solve the issue. If you feel that the problem doesn’t require a professional, then you need to ensure you’re using the right product.

It’s also important to admit when the pest infestation is just too much for us to handle. Although some pests can be located easily, others make a habit of staying out of sight. Calling in a professional when you’re not sure on what to do next not only ensures that the problem is dealt with swiftly but also ensures that the cost of repair is much lower.

When using a pest control company, it’s important to use the right one. So many of us can be fixated on the price we pay that we overlook the quality of service we’re receiving.

Taking the time out to carry out some research ensure that you’re using a company that can deal with the problem promptly in a professional manner.

If you can carry out the disposal of pests yourself, then it’s important that the receptacles are disposed of in the right way, as some of them will also contain pesticides. Simply disposing of them among the general waste could be life-threatening to pets and other animals

Pest Control Don’ts

Many of us can deal with pests easily, but there are some who may use more historical approaches to dealing with pests. Simply killing the pests by hitting them with something heavy can not only be too upsetting for some, but it can also help spread diseases, which defies the object of the exercise.

It can be easy to assume that the cost of pest control is excessive, but this comes down to the type of professional you use. If you take the time to research the company, then there’s very little reason as to why you can’t find a professional that is cost-effective.

Trying to lower the cost can come with its own set of ramifications. For example, if you were to choose a non-professional to carry out the work for a low fee, then you may find that the solution is only temporary.

There’s also the fact that the person you’re using to carry out the work is more than likely uninsured, which could cause you more expense should anything go wrong.

The same applies to those who try to undertake the work themselves, regardless of the equipment they use.

Pest control professionals are fully trained as to how pesticides are used, including making sure it doesn’t harm anyone else within the property. Those unfamiliar with such substances could not only find that the approach to the issue is wrong, but the pesticide could cause health problems.

It’s understandable that when dealing with pests, you want them gone sooner rather than later. However, you shouldn’t undertake the task yourself believing it to be a quicker endeavour.

Employing the right kind of professional in the first instance not only ensures that your costs are kept low but also gets rid of the pest infestation permanently,


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