Obsessionistas @ BIAD - Exhibitor list

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Professor Jivan Astfalck - Porcelain flower brooches

Chris Beckett - American Marvel & DC comics

Amy Blackwell - Letterboxes (documentary collection)

Bhavnesh Chamdal - Clothes tags

Mark Cowell - Japanese guitars

Professor Jack Cunningham - Chickens & geese

Ervin Fiellateau - Vans

Judith Genster - Wheelie bins (documentary collection)

John Hall - Holmegaard Carnaby glass

Lee Hewett - Bouncy balls

Terry Hunt - Pop up books

Dr Tom Jones - Ceramics

Marlene Little - Plastic grass

Chiu Kwong Man - Spirographs

Bob Manning - Mickey Mouse Ties & Vintage Christmas decorations

Jason Nicholson - Robert Welch designs

Caroline Norman - Cruets

Laura Pollard - Finnish ceramics & glass

Jo Pond - Brushes

Graham Powell - Wind-up toys & a documentary collection of ice creams

Helen Powell - Vintage hairdryers

Estelle Rigoudy - Barbies

Zoe Robertson - Brooches

Mark Smith - French die cast cycling figures

Richard Snell - Contemporary chairs

Andrew Thornton - Toy soldiers