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Choosing the Right Builder for Your Project

Regardless of whether we’re looking for a house extension, or have a more challenging project on the horizon, the meeting of deadlines and assurance of quality means we need to make sure that we’re choosing the right builder for our needs. We’ve probably all heard the horror stories associated with hiring the services of an incapable builder, and the stress it can cause when an inexperienced contractor has promised you one thing, only for you to be met with another. Fortunately, the majority of builders operate in a moral and ethical way, but this doesn’t mean we should choose the first builder that comes along. A little research ensures that you’re not going to be let down when it comes to your building project. Experience is Vital It stands to reason that the longer a company has been operating, the more experience it will have, and this is especially true for the construction industry. They are many facets associated with the world of construction, and while there may be some contractors who are experienced in one field, they may not be as experienced in another. This means that the costs associated with ay building work can pile up, as we’re having to use more than one professional for the work that needs to be undertaken. Using a construction company that has experience will ensure that you’re not only being given access to true professionals, but you will often find that the quotes are more cost-effective, as the work is being carried out by one company as opposed to several. Communication is Key When dancing which construction company is the best fit for you, you will often be able to determine a lot of by the initial contact. Is the company answering your questions? Have they had experience with type of work before? Are they able to complete the work in the allocated time? Although not every construction company will be able to meet your deadlines in every instance, a professional company will ensure that you’re made aware of this, and when you can realistically expect the job to be completed. If a construction company can’t give you the answers you need, then it be ay worthwhile looking elsewhere. Don’t Assume the Cheapest Quote is The Best It’s understandable that we don’t want to spend a small fortune when it comes to building work, but we need to be careful we’re not swayed by the price alone. Although some companies may offer a cheaper price than a more experienced company, you may find that there are some limitations with the service you use. For example, it could mean that inferior products are being used, which means you could end up paying for repairs in the future, or even having to hire the services of another professional to rectify the issue. Check for Reviews and Testimonials A company that has completed successful projects in the past should have little issue in providing you with reviews and testimonials. How these are presented can depend on the company. For example, some may have their testimonials on their website, whereas others may have reviews on Google My Business or Yelp. If a construction company seems a little coy about providing you with past testimonial, it’s advisable to search elsewhere for a professional. Check the Company Is Insured Nobody likes to think about the things that could go wrong when using the services of a construction company, but you need to ensure that you’re checking the credentials of the company you’re planning to use. Although many construction companies can offer customers a reliable service, there can be instances where something could go wrong. If the construction company is insured, then there’s little to worry about. However, if you’ve chosen a contractor who isn’t insured, then anything that goes wrong could be left for you to deal with, and often your own home insurance will not be able to cover such an occurrence. As you can imagine, this can be very costly, as not only will you need to pay to have any damages rectified, but also for the initial work to be carried out again. Ensure a Contract is In Place for Substantial Work There will be times when the work of a builder must go over budget, but a professional will keep you in the loop at all times and let you know what options are available. If you’re looking to have a lot of work carried out, then it can be useful to build up a contract with the construction company so both parties are fully aware of any obligations and costs. If a company is pushing you to hand over money with no clear quotation insight, then you need to refuse until clarity and confirmation have been offered. A professional construction company will have little issue in coming up with a contract that outlines the work that needs to be carried out as well as the cost agreed. Ensure Payment Dates are Agreed Following on from the creation of the contract, there may be phases during the work where payments need to be made. Agreeing with what phase of completed work payment should be made ensures that there are no misunderstandings later on. Although a construction company must understand a customer needs to ensure the capital is available, customers also need to understand that a majority of the money will be spent on materials, so regular payments may be vital for the project to move forward.    
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Construction Contractor Improvement

Construction – 5 Things you must consider before bringing in a professional

When you are planning to engage in any construction project that is geared towards home or office space improvement, there are a number of factors you must first consider before bringing in a professional. This is meant to ensure that as you bring in a contractor to run the project, you have covered all your bases and you have a clear picture of the deliverables you expect from them. In this article, we will look at the 5 things you must consider before bringing in a professional to handle your construction projects.

1 You have to do the math

What we mean by doing the math is that before you engage in any construction work aimed at making improvements to your home or office space, it must make financial sense. You don’t want to be making financial investments that will not give you any returns.

2 Set a scope for the work

One of the challenges many people face when they engage in construction work meant to make improvement on a space is that once they start, stopping becomes a problem because they keep noticing things that can be improved. It’s therefore important for you to be able to have some personal discipline by setting a scope for the job and sticking to it.

3 Have a realistic budget in place

Whether you are working on improvement of your home or office space, it’s very important for your budget to be realistic. It won’t make sense spending money on construction work, when the cost of this construction is higher than the value of the property. It’s your budget that will help guide you on whether you will be able to recoup your investment.

4 Ensure that you have an end goal

Anytime you are engaging in an improvement project whether it’s for your home or office space, you must always know what your end goal is. This is because any financial investments you make must have a return therefore any end goal you have must demonstrate how you will recoup your finances from such a project.

5 Be ready for the disruption to your life

If you bring in a contractor to do some construction work in your home or office, you must realize that for the duration of the project, you will not be able to make use of certain spaces in your office or home. This can be a very frustrating period therefore you must be prepared for such disruptions to your life. Once you have thought really hard and done the math and it makes sense, then you can go ahead and bring in a contractor.
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Construction Contractor Improvement

These are the top traits of a good contractor

Before you engage any professional contractor for your home or office space improvement project it’s very crucial for you to do your due diligence because not all contractors are the same. It will therefore be in your best interest to be able to identify the kind of contractor who has a proven track record of quality work as this type of person will guarantee you success in your own project. In this article we are going to share with you the 4 top traits of a good professional contractor.

1 The contractor must have a good reputation

Generally speaking, a contractor’s reputation will be determined by the collective reviews of his/her past and present clients. This therefore means that any professional contractor you come across who has a good reputation is a reflection of the quality of their work. The same can be said for a contractor with a bad reputation as this is an indication that they will not give you a good job.

2 The contractor must have sufficient experience

Professionals will usually get better and better the more they get to practice their trade and this is especially true for contractors. This therefore means that a contractor with plenty of experience is more likely to produce for you a good job when compared with one with minimal experience because the former has gotten an opportunity to practice and hone their skills. It’s therefore a good idea for you to prioritize experience and ensure that it’s experience doing good work.

3 The contractor should be a very good listener

It’s common for contractors to have their own ideas and biases when it comes to how they do their work and in some cases, these biases may creep in as they are doing your work because they were not paying full attention as you were giving them instructions. As you are interviewing professional contractors, it’s always a good idea to ensure that they are good listeners as this will ensure that there’s minimal breakdown in communication between you and him/her during the course of doing your project.

4 The contractor should have integrity

It’s very important to work with a professional contractor who has the utmost respect for his/her profession and also respect for you as their client. This therefore requires the contractor to have a lot of integrity as it’s this quality that will ensure that they respect their end of the contract, they charge you fairly, and are always willing to own up to their mistakes and correct them. The best way to ensure that you end up with a contractor with these traits is focusing on your due diligence and most of this will entail getting reviews from their past and present clients.