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Metal vs Wood Garages

When looking to showcase a vintage car collection, the style of the garage can make all the difference. However, those looking to show off their latest collection not only have to consider the practicality and cost, but also the aesthetics of the garage. There is plenty of choices available when it comes to a garage, but just because a particular garage has worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. The use of metal garages has exceeded over the last few years, and this can be attributed to their robust and adaptable nature. However, some may be interested in other variants, such as a wooden shed, and while this serves a purpose, metal garages have the edge in several different ways. Metal Is Stronger Against Pests Many will have experienced some form of a tree that has been present for hundreds of years, and this is because wood is a strong material. As such, if you’re looking to build a home away from home in the great outdoors, it's understandable why wood is the chosen material. However, those looking to protect their fleet of cars are looking for something that can protect their vehicles against the elements, as well as any other outside threats. Although wood is strong, it doesn’t have the same staying power when weather and pests are concerned. Not only can wood absorb water but can be an open house for a series of unwanted pests. Metal doesn’t falter when adverse weather strikes, and outside pests have nothing to gain by intruding a metal garage, giving you the additional peace-of-mind, when safeguarding your vehicles. Metal Is More Affordable Some car enthusiasts like to spend a lot on classic and exotic cars and feel that the same must be true for the garage. Although you shouldn’t consider prices that are too good to be true, the facts of the matter are that metal is more affordable than wood, and is better designed to protect your vehicles, and even act as a workshop should the need arise. Although there are wooden garages that offer the same stability, these are often more expensive to purchase, and in some instances, can be difficult to maintain. Different Options for Different Needs The affordability of metal garages is often due to the way they can be tailored to a specific need. Not only does this relate to the plan of the garage, but also the opening mechanism. Some may prefer the tradition chain approach when opening their garage door, whereas others may prefer a more modern approach. Regardless of your requirements, there is no reason as to why you can’t find a solution that meets your budget and requirements. An example of the types of metal garages can be found at www.steelbuildinguk.com/sub/metal-garages/ which offers bespoke solutions and free quotations, making your next metal garage purchase one to enjoy.