About Obsessionistas

Obsessionistas is an online gallery of collectors showcasing their individual collections. From the curious and fun to the uniquely significant, the things people choose to collect help reflect their values and say a lot about who they are. We believe that in a world of homogeneous ‘me too’ lifestyles, products and brands, individuality can at least in part be expressed through our particular obsessions and what we seek out, keep and collect.

Obsessionistas is primarily a cultural website that focuses on the role collections play in relating personal narratives, sharing heritage, tracing design history and inspiring creativity. Exclusive insights into unique collections are added each week, along with news, views and reviews.

We have also curated events and exhibitions that explore the inter-connectedness of collecting and collections in our contemporary culture, sharing personal collections, design archives and museum collections with a wider audience, along with the fascinating individual narratives behind them.



About the editors & curators

Obsessionistas was launched in April 2011 by husband and wife team Graham and Helen Powell.

Graham is a professional designer and has previously designed products at Dyson, Babysphere and Mathmos. After completing an engineering apprenticeship and then ‘running away’ to art college, he went onto to study design at the Royal College of Art & Imperial College (London). Graham has also exhibited work at several London design festivals, the V&A and in New York. More recently he was director of the post-graduate programme in Product Design at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and has contributed to various publications including the Design Transformation Group and Phaidon Design Classics volumes.

Helen is a freelance writer, fascinated by the personal, cultural and social histories of objects and the people who collect them. She originally studied Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Manchester, which then led to a career in corporate marketing and higher education, before embarking on her writing and blogging career. Helen also contributed for The Simple Things magazine feature 'Obsession - The Collector'. As well as editing Obsessionistas she also runs her award winning design and lifestyle blog Design Hunter.


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