Miniatures #0088


Linda_GavinThe collector: Linda Gavin, Swedish Graphic Designer residing in Berlin.

The collection: Miniatures.

You may not have heard of Linda Gavin, but if you're a social media user then chances are you come across her work every day - Linda is the designer behind the Twitter logo. As a designer she is multi-talented, also working in animation, illustration and character design and even finding time to design and make dolls clothes for her Fake Blondie brand. Linda collects vinyl toys, dolls and miniatures and combines this with her love of photography by creating beautifully styled room sets. We asked her to share some favourite pieces from her miniature world.

The story behind the collection...

I do a lot of photography, and my favorite subjects are well lit people in situations, and also toys in miniature settings to simulate the real deal. I bought a Victorian German house for my smallest toys and started to make a home for them. I added a café and filled it with miniature eatables. I also have a modern villa called Clearview house that I never managed to finish.

I'm very interested in interior design and product design and have custom ordered some of my favorite pieces from amazing miniature artists around the world. I love my iMac and designer furnitures. I also collect mass produced miniatures from Japan and Korea.

Do the roomsets in your miniature world act as an inspiration for designing and furnishing full size rooms in your home?

I wish that I had the original pieces in real size, but I wouldn't want to have as many items in my home as I have miniatures in my collection. That would be madness.

Which designers have provided most inspiration for the style of your miniature world?

My inspiration comes from the work of other designers and natural environments. Contemporary and minimal environments and parks makes me tick.

If you could choose any architect to design a dolls house for you who would it be?

The dream would be to have a futuristic Jetson house by Oscar Niemeyer.

Is it the styling and creation of the image that is most important to you?

Yes, my passion for collecting miniatures is driven by my desire to create beautiful environments to photograph.

You make dolls clothes and sell them in your Fake Blondie store, do you also make furnishings for your dolls house?

Sewing is a dear hobby of mine and I love sewing miniatures, but I mostly make cushions for the doll house. I have a doll fashion brand, but haven't been sewing since my sewing machine started eating thread.

Would you mix different styles and eras in your miniature world or are you intent on creating the perfect modernist interior?

I like storing the miniatures in boxes and create a new set every time I want to photograph, so that makes me more of a fan of room boxes. I have a dream of having a tall building made as an art piece on the wall, but it's a very time and money consuming project that will have to wait. I wouldn't go for a perfect modernist interior. I would make different one-room-flats for different imaginary personalities regarding to their taste, and also make modern stores.

Are there any design classics that you don’t currently have that you would love to have in miniature or is it possible to get pretty much anything custom made?

There are many design classics that I don’t have that I would love to have. It's possible to have miniature versions made of any object really. Furniture designers and architects are used to making miniatures. It's how it all started and they still love making miniatures from time to time, and some of them love doing it full time. But I have to keep my collection down to a reasonable size, so I'm not saving up for anything at the moment.

What do you think your collection reveals about you?

I think that my collection reveals that I appreciate beautiful objects, and that even a small miniature collection takes up a lot of space :)

More of Linda's collection can be seen on Flickr. You can view her professional portfolio here and here.

All images © Linda Gavin and used with her kind permission.


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